When Life is Confusing!


Have you ever ended up here?

Do you ever become preoccupied with the things in life you just don’t understand? Do you ever find yourself in a state of confusion looking to God wondering why something is or isn’t happening? The truth is all of us have experienced this multiple times because it is a part of life. The question is not if, when or why these confusing moments or seasons in life will happen; the question that we’re all asking in these intense moments is…

“What do I do now?”

It’s a matter of perspective and how we see ourselves. We have to know and believe in our hearts that God is God and we are not, and there are things that are simply beyond our control. Nevertheless, we can find comfort, strength and direction from the Lord when we find ourselves in the midst of this fog. Here are a few tips to help get you through confusing seasons in life.

Psalm 131: “O Lord, my heart is not lifted up; my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me. But I have calmed and quieted my soul like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me. O Israel, hope in the Lord from this time forth and forevermore.”

1. Know that God hasn’t forgotten you.

The Psalmist knows that he is not alone. Although he is in the midst of a confusing time in life, he knows deep down that God will not leave him nor forsake him.

2. Accept what you can neither understand nor control.

The Psalmist gives up trying to control everything that is beyond his ability. He says “I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me.” In other words, there are things in our own lives that belong to God and are too great for us to try and figure out. We must not become preoccupied with things too great for us!

3. Place your hope in The Lord…always!

The one thing that will give us proper perspective and get us through is to “hope in the Lord from this time forth and forevermore.” When we hope in the Lord, in the good times and the bad, we find rest for our souls knowing that God is our source.

Keep REACHING FORWARD when life is confusing and filled with a fog. God has not forgotten you, nor has he left you to yourself to get through. His grace is being extended toward you!



Something to Live For!

somethingtoliveforAs a pastor, I have the privilege of doing life with people as they invite me in to their world. Sometimes that world consists of great joy and celebration; other times it consists of pain, sorrow, confusion, and loss of direction. Recently, I was helping a person process their current season of life, which is one of transition, financial strain and uncertainty. They shared how they have begun reaching out to a neighbor and a friend who need a level of expertise that they have regarding a particular quality of life issue. What they have discovered is a principle that gives us something to live for every day regardless of our personal circumstances. The principle is very simple to learn and with little effort can be incorporated into your daily life.

Sharing your gift, talent, knowledge, or resources with others gives you something to live for!

Everyone has something to offer others; a gift, talent, skill, information, or simply a listening ear. When you and I can focus on offering what we have to help others our lives suddenly have meaning. Our own problems that seemed to be huge are suddenly reduced to manageable life-circumstances rather than overwhelming odds that are stacked against us. Here are a few steps to help you find that ‘something to live for’ every day of your life.

1. Identify what you have to offer.

Perhaps you understand fitness, eating healthy, financial management, leadership, or any other area of life that someone might benefit from. Don’t discredit yourself. Trust me when I say you have something the world around you needs!

2. Look for a need.

I have learned that all you have to do to find a need is to look for it. Needs are all around us every day. I would say that a need is tied to every person in one way or another. One of the best ways to look for a need is to simply listen to what people are saying. The need they have will eventually be revealed.

3. Share with sincerity and compassion.

Once you identify someone that has a need in an area where you know you can help, approach them with all sincerity (not in a haughty fashion telling them what they “need to do”) with an offer to help by providing what you have.

I believe this principle is the one that keeps people REACHING FORWARD for God’s best in their lives. All we have to do is be willing to add value to others with what God has given us. When we learn to do this daily, we find renewed purpose and vision for our lives that will keep us moving forward in the midst of our own struggles.

Make a difference in someone’s life today!

Share your comments of how you found something to life for!

How The Unique YOU Fits into Your God-Given Purpose!

Like most people, I learned from an early age that my behavior has a huge impact on how I am seen by others. We have all seen that little child do something over and over again with a big grin on his face because of the praise he receives from his parents. We grow up learning that if we behave well we will be rewarded, but if we behave badly we will be punished. As a result, our thinking becomes focused on how well we are doing rather than who we are becoming. For most of us, this thought process follows us into our Christian lives.

When it comes to discovering our God-given purpose, most of us immediately think about what God wants us to do. Of course, doing what God has called us to do is part of it, but it’s actually the middle part. There is a beginning and an end to our God-given purpose that I’m going to refer to as book-ends. Here’s the point: If we get one or both of the book-ends wrong, it doesn’t matter what we do; for we will have missed our God-given purpose.

The two book-ends of purpose are the same for everyone.

1. Worship. Regardless of who you are, your purpose must begin with worship. I’m not talking about turning on your favorite Christian artist every once and a while and getting goose bumps from a song that evokes some kind of feeling or emotion. While there’s nothing wrong with this, I’m referring to something much more tangible. Worship as the beginning of purpose is about knowing to whom you belong. Whatever is preeminent (superior) in our lives is what we worship. Anything more superior in our daily lives than Christ is called an idol. Jesus must be preeminent in our lives as the beginning of our purpose. Our day must consist of His word, His fellowship, and His love. I have learned that God’s word is food for my spirit and it brings alignment to my soul (mind, will and emotions). The stillness of the quiet morning listening to His word speak to my heart has changed my life in ways that I cannot describe. I am not talking about gaining more knowledge of the Scriptures, although that is part of it. I am talking about a deep, personal, and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit is the single most important factor in the growth of the Christian’s life. However, each one of us has a purpose to fulfill on this earth, so this is just the beginning.

2. Serving others. The more we learn to fellowship with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis, the more we discover who we are and what we were created to do. God has a purpose for you and I while we exist on this earth. However, it is important to understand that our individual purposes in life must contribute to God’s purposes in the earth. In other words, there is an intersection that exists at the point where God’s purpose for your life meets His purpose in the earth. The thing that we find at that intersection is other people. It is impossible to walk in fellowship with God without developing a heart for other people. Your God-given purpose and mine will start with worshiping Him and end with impacting the lives of others.

What about the stuff in the middle?

The stuff in the middle is uniquely you! Your purpose and mine begins with worship and ends with impacting others for God’s glory. The in-between is specifically designed for you. What are your passions? What are your gifts? What comes naturally to you? What disturbs you and angers you to the point that you must do something about it? Andy Stanley defines vision in short as an image of what could be and should be. What is the voice inside of you screaming at regarding what could be and should be? When you answer these questions you will know what you’re called to “do.” But, remember that if the book-ends are wrong, the stuff in the middle will not matter much.

When you sandwich what is uniquely you between these two book-ends you will not only discover your purpose, but you will find joy and real meaning in your life. Make Him number one, focus your outcomes on helping others, and be yourself in between. Keep REACHING FORWARD for God’s best in your life!

Feel free to leave comments about your purpose!