The Supreme Court on Marriage and Independence Day!

flagI join the ranks of many who are disappointed by the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage. Although there is no court in the land that can change the definition of marriage, they have certainly opened a door for a culture shift away from true marriage, which has served as a healthy foundation to our society for centuries. I’m amazed that such a change can come about from only five “unelected” individuals. As much as I honor the position and role of the Supreme Court, they do not speak for the majority of Americans nor should they. This decision is not about equality, I believe in equality. This decision is not about justice, I believe in justice. This decision is not about rights and benefits, I believe in both. This decision is about a fundamental shift in our culture that is revolting more and more aggressively against the moral values and beliefs our great country was founded upon.

Love Covers Sin and Reveals Truth!

In spite of the disheartening moral decline we see happening around us, we must stay true to the gospel of Jesus Christ. That means we communicate and treat others with love and respect. It does not mean we zip our lips and pretend nothing is happening. At LifeBridge Tyler Church, we will have compassion and mercy for people far from God including those with whom we disagree, while living a life that represents the gospel of Christ. We will invite people to find salvation at the cross, which involves repentance and growing in relationship with Jesus. Love, in and of itself, is not enough. To come to Jesus involves repentance and we will never water down or compromise that message for the sake of love and “acceptance.” Truth is the highest form of love, because when you know the truth, the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). No amount of humanistic love will ever change that truth. Love covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8), but it does not cover truth, it reveals it.

Only Jesus can Transform the Human Heart!

Nevertheless, we will not judge hearts or motives, we will not throw stones of condemnation, we will not stiff arm people who need Jesus. We will not communicate our passionate beliefs through insensitive and emotional knee-jerk reactions. We will open our arms and hearts to welcome those who are seeking forgiveness, love, and eternal life. Moreover, we will continue to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that serves God’s purpose of bringing people to salvation and repentance. Only Jesus can transform the human heart and it is to that end that we live and grow together.

Why our Country is the Greatest!

Finally, as we move into the celebration of our 239th Independence Day, I want to encourage everyone to reflect on the fact that we live in the greatest country in the world. It’s great because of the values and moral integrity that have served as its foundation. Our country is great because of great people who have had the courage to stand and fight in the face of adversity and persecution. Our country is great because of people like YOU who have a heart to see our country continue in greatness for the sake of our children and grandchildren.
So I urge all people everywhere to celebrate the freedom of our independence and what we stand for while upholding the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to do so in love and truth.
Keep REACHING FORWARD for God’s best in your life and help others do the same!
Scott Grizzle