About Pastor Scott

_MG_5594I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern and Pastor of a nondenominational church. My passion is to help the hurting find healing and the lost find purpose.
I believe everyone is reaching for something. There is a void, a hope, a dream, and a purpose in the heart of man that only God can fulfill.
My heart is to inspire and encourage others to keep REACHING FORWARD for God’s best in their lives through simple presentations of the Gospel.


4 thoughts on “About Pastor Scott


    AWESOME OBSERVATION AND REVELATION>going to the doctor today, ha ha…this is so true thanks for helping me today to choose the chair

    love ya


  2. Lanea

    WOW powerful words. Never served in armed forces but was married to a Navy man for six years had my two oldest children while he was out to sea. I honor and pray for our military and the families they leave behind. Still proud to be an American! Love you and thanks for all you do. Lanea Cope

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