When Doubts Are Many

Doubts. We all have them and they are many. Doubt is nothing more than to be uncertain about something. It’s like standing on a frozen pond when you’re uncertain about the depth or strength of the ice. Will it hold me up? Will it collapse under the weight? What idoubtsf…? How will I…? Have you been there?

We are haunted by uncertainties because we live in such an uncertain and ever-changing world. We’re surrounded by injustice, betrayal, wickedness and disappointment. We question the solidarity of our relationships, jobs, health and future. What we know to be true one day proves to be false the next. Doubts. We all have them and they are many.

The longer you focus on the potential failure of the ice the greater the fear and doubt will become.

Followers of Christ have a different focus. We know that God never changes. He is always true and faithful and never effected by our circumstances. No matter who betrays us, God will never leave us. No matter what fails us, God will remain faithful. When we are weak, He gives us strength. When we are sad, He gives us joy.

When we have doubts, though they are many, He comforts our soul and brings us good cheer from the promises of His word and the faithfulness of His character.

Keep REACHING FORWARD today knowing that God is there when you have doubts. Take comfort in knowing He changes not.


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