Only ONE thing will guarantee your success in 2014!

Right about now multiple blogs and articles are being written about how to better your life in 2014. We all know that the beginning of a new year is a great opportunity for change. Most of us desire to change in one way or another. Perhaps the change is to lose weight or become more fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Maybe the change is to master that hobby or new skill that you’ve taken up. Whatever the change that you’re desiring, there are as many methods and processes for achieving that change as there are writers giving us advice. I don’t know about you, but here’s where I am with the changes I desire to see in my own life:

I DON’T NEED ANYMORE ADVICE! I don’t need another three-step, four-step, or five-step program to help me achieve my goals for 2014. While I appreciate the advice and pointers that are freely given by well-meaning people, I simply don’t need another prescription. What I do need is something that no one else can give me. What I need and what you need to achieve those 2014 goals is something that resides deep in our hearts. The ONE thing that will guarantee your success in achieving your goals in 2014 is to…

Submit to the Process!

All change, ALL change requires a process. Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier, learn more, build more, or relate better to others, there is a process involved. You can I can learn all the steps that it takes, write it down and post it on the fridge and put it on our calendars; but if we do not submit our will to the process it will never happen. My problem in achieving positive change in my life is not information, it’s submission. If you are at all like me, allow me to share a few tips that might encourage you to look past all the methods and steps to the ONE thing that just might empower you to reach those goals!

1. Start with WHY!

If you’re not convinced in your heart of why you should achieve the goal, you will never be committed to seeing it through. A good idea is only a good idea until it becomes painful or inconvenient; then it becomes not such a good idea. Search deep within your heart and find a reason that’s worth fighting for. Ask yourself this question: “What’s at stake if I don’t submit to this process?”

2. Catch the VISION!

Once you’ve settled the WHY in your heart and you are 100% convinced that this is a “must do” for you, the next thing you want to do is imagine yourself being there already. What does life look like having achieved that goal? How is your life different now that you have finally accomplished this goal? What is the impact on the people around you now that you’ve made this change? Ask yourself this question: “What does my life look like if I don’t submit to this process?”

3. Commit to SUBMIT!

If you and I are going to see positive change in our lives, we must make a commitment to ourselves to submit to the process that’s going to be involved in the change we desire. Do not commit to the plan, do not commit to follow your calendar, do not commit to phone a friend or be accountable. All of those things are good, but the only commitment that will take you to the finish line is the commitment to submit to the process.

If you’ll discover a compelling reason from your heart to achieve your goal, imagine yourself living it, and require your flesh to submit to the process, you will achieve your goals for positive change in your life. The empowerment to accomplish lies not in more information, but within the convictions of your heart and the ability to envision it as a reality.

Keep REACHING FORWARD to positive change in your life! You can do this! Submit to the process and watch it happen!

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4 thoughts on “Only ONE thing will guarantee your success in 2014!

  1. This is awesome. I’ve always been uncomfortable in my own skin, but no one could ever talk the weight off of me. I had to do the exercises and eat the right foods, and I just wasn’t committed enough to make the results happen. I’m going into 2014 with a much different mindset than I have before when I was “attempting” to lose weight. I want to end 2014 with a body I’m proud of, a healthier lifestyle, better food choices, a happier life, and a sense of pride in knowing that I took back control of my life.

  2. Reblogged this on Larry Will Unite and commented:
    I could not have written a blog post better about moving from 2013 to 2014 than this one. Wanted to share this powerful post that a great man wrote named Pastor Scott Grizzle. He is the lead pastor of the church plant LifeBridge Tyler ( Please share this and allow God to bless you throughout this next year.

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