How do I Give “IT” to God?

ImageEarly in my life as a Christian I would hear people say “you just have to give it to God!” I often wondered what it meant to “give it to God” and exactly how I should go about it. I can’t blame others since I’m guilty of telling people the same thing. Most people are sincere when they give us advice such as this with a heart that’s saying “only God can resolve your situation.” However, our sincerity doesn’t change the fact that we often give people advice using our “christianese” without ensuring that they really understand what that means.

As a pastor, I often talk to people who say they have tried to give “it” to God, but they just don’t know how. What we’re ultimately talking about is surrendering something to God that we have allowed to take his place. That could be anything from blatant sin to trying to control our circumstances and outcomes without trusting God as we should. Before we can know how to give “IT” to God, we first have to define what “IT” is that we need to give up.

Just What Exactly is “IT?”

Most people are trying to give their struggle, their heartache, their problems, or their pain over to God. The problem with this humanistic viewpoint is that we are still the ones in control. In order for us to obtain the power to give “IT” over to God, we have to relinquish control and embrace God’s grace. We have to first give up the need to control whatever “IT” is and allow God’s grace to enter our hearts. In other words, the “IT” that we need to give to God is not the “IT” that’s bothering us; rather, the “IT” we need to surrender to God is our own efforts to control “IT.” The problem with humanity from the beginning has been our own ideas and efforts of how to control everything in our lives. In other words, we make ourselves God. Therefore, in order to give “IT” to God, we have to relinquish control and do it God’s way.

For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel. ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)

1. Repent

First we must repent and return to the Lord. Repent means to turn from our way of thinking and turn to the Lord’s way. The Lord’s way always begins with repentance. We repent (turn from) our attempt to control everything in our lives. We repent (turn from) doing things our way and allow God’s grace to fill our hearts. When we are struggling the most, repentance is the one thing that God promises will bring his presence and times of refreshing (see Acts 3:19-20).

2. Trust

Once we have repented and relinquished our attempts to control our circumstances, then we can trust God to catch us! We can trust God to catch us when we let go and venture into the unknown. Once we repent and experience His grace, we can freely trust His timing, provision, and direction for our lives. The one thing we can completely trust God with is our future because He wrote it!

If you need to give “IT” to God today, I encourage you to start with repentance and allow Him to fill you and empower you by His grace! You will experience the presence of the Lord, a time of refreshing and the ability to trust Him with your life!

Keep REACHING FORWARD in your journey and allow Him to be in the driver’s seat! Trust Him! You’ll never regret it!

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2 thoughts on “How do I Give “IT” to God?

  1. For me giving it to God means I tell Him all about it my concerns how I feel and then I don’t worry about it no more. Walk as if it never happen. That is how I give it to GOD…not saying it’s easy but it relieves the stress off of me considering I don’t do well with stress.

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