How generosity increases effectiveness in the Church.

ImageIf there is one thing that most of us want to achieve in life, it is to be effective in all that we do. We want to be more effective in leadership, in our jobs, in customer service, with our families, in building relationships, and certainly more effective is making disciples in our churches. I am learning that one of the keys to overall effectiveness is found in one word; generosity.

What does it really mean to be generous? Most people immediately associate generosity with the giving of money. Although generosity can certainly include money, it is much more than that. We are in the process of planting a church and recently discussed generosity at one of our launch team meetings. As an organizational value, we define generosity like this: “We give generously of our time, talent and resources.” The question is, what does that really mean and how does it inform our decision-making? One of our team members and phenomenal leader, David McDaniels (find him on twitter @DJMcDaniels), described generosity as giving more than the minimum required. As we unpacked this idea of giving more than the minimum as it relates to our church, we discovered that generosity is ultimately the determining factor in our overall effectiveness. Here are a few ways that giving more than the minimum of your time, talent and resources will increase your overall effectiveness.

Being generous with your time:

1. Give of your time to genuinely connect with a person through conversation.

2. Give of your time to walk a guest to the child check-in station rather than pointing the way.

3. Give of your time to stop and pray with someone who looks troubled.

4. Give of your time to walk slowly through the crowd and be a friend.

5. Give of your time to help the single mother with her children.

Being generous with your talent:

1. Give of your talent to serve others according to “their” need.

2. Give of your talent by going one step further because you can.

3. Give of your talent by cross-serving in other areas where you’re gifted.

4. Give of your talent by teaching others the knowledge or skill that you possess.

5. Give of your talent by serving with the “it’s my pleasure” attitude.

Being generous with your resources:

1. Give to the community without expecting anything in return.

2. Give more than the minimum financially to bless a landlord or vendor.

3. Give money more frequently to missions and those in need.

4. Give resources that are sitting idle to a smaller church that could use them.

5. Give gifts that bless others unexpectedly.

These are just a few examples of how to be generous with your time, talent, and resources. The bottom line in developing a heart of generosity it simple: give more than the minimum required. The result will be on overall increase in effectiveness in every area.

Keep REACHING FORWARD for a heart of generosity! It will lead to God’s best in your life.

What are some ways you have learned to be generous by giving more than the minimum?


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