The Power of the First Step!

ImageDeep inside of you is a nagging that begs an answer. Most people have desires that go unmet, dreams that go unfulfilled, and potential that goes untapped. You think about it often and perhaps even daily. You are a leader with a vision that only you can see. You are bound by something with a hope to be free. You are a parent with a desire to do it right. You are a spouse yearning for a dream-like marriage. You are “just you” trying to be “a better you.”

A better you in whatever area you are thinking about is possible. In fact, it is closer to becoming a reality than you think. Whether you are dreaming about starting that business or overcoming an addiction, there is only one thing standing in your way; THE FIRST STEP!

Five enemies to your future that are broken by the power of the first step!

1. Fear – Fear is generally the primary enemy that prevents you and I from taking that first step. We are afraid of failure, rejection, or the commitment it will require.

2. Lack of Confidence – Taking the first step will immediately boost your level of confidence. It’s difficult to believe that you can run a marathon; but it’s less difficult to believe that you can run a mile. Taking the first step is about breaking “it” down into realistic steps that are achievable and will direct you toward your goal. Your confidence will grow with each step.

3. Inaction – It should go without saying, but failure to act is the one thing that will prevent you from ever achieving what you are constantly thinking about. Taking the first step will get you moving in the right direction. You don’t have to get there overnight, you just have to get moving!

4. Routine – Your daily routine can be a serious enemy to your future because you are stuck in old habits; such as, staying up too late, watching too much TV, eating out too much, etc. Taking the first step will cause you to not only break old habits, but it will help you create new and more productive habits. The best routine to have in your life is the one that will create your desired future.

5. Hopelessness – This one is for those who have given up on their desire, dream or vision. Sooner or later the hope that you have of your desired future will become lost. Hope deferred will make the heart sick. Taking that first step will rekindle the flame of hope that once existed setting you back on course.

In order for you to REACH FORWARD toward that desire, dream, or vision and tap into your full potential, all you have to do is take the first step. There is power in that first step that will defeat more enemies in your life than you realize. I encourage you today to trust God with that first step…and get to stepping into your future!

What enemies to our future did I miss? Feel free to share in the conversation.


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