The Key to Creating Your Desired Future.

ImageWhy do some people achieve their goals and others don’t? I spend a lot of time talking with people about how to move from where they are in life to where they desire to be. I find that most people are reaching for something that will make an aspect of their lives better; a better marriage, better health, a better leader, a better student, a better blogger, and so on. However, I have also learned from my own life that although knowledge might be the starting point, it will never empower you to achieve a better life. Knowledge will provide you with information, but it will not create your desired future.

The key to creating your desired future is self-discipline. Before you click out of this blog, keep reading for 3 minutes. Many people shudder at the thought of self-discipline because of the various connotations that accompany the term. Many people believe that self-discipline is a by-product of personality thereby disqualifying themselves. This is a myth that only prevents people from creating the future they desire. I uncover this myth and explain how anyone can develop self-discipline here.

According to, self-discipline is the training and control of oneself usually for improvement. It has also been said that self-discipline is being able to do what you should do and stop doing what you shouldn’t do. Another way to look at it is this:

Self-discipline is taking control of your life in order to achieve a desired future.

Many people see self-discipline as giving up their freedoms and submitting to inflexible structure. This statement is partially true because of our natural tendency to do what feels good to us rather than what is beneficial for us. However, the truth about self-discipline is that it creates a pathway toward our desired future. Here’s how.

Self-discipline establishes healthy boundaries.

As I stated above, our natural tendency is to do what feels good; sleep as long as we want, eat anything we want, engage in immorality all we want, spend money we don’t have, etc. Self-discipline establishes natural boundaries in our lives that protect us from that which harms, delays, or prevents progress.

Self-discipline creates opportunities.

Knowledge that is never implemented is no good to you. If your goal is weight loss, self-discipline will create opportunities for you to eat healthy and exercise. The ability of one to implement what he or she has learned is dependent upon the opportunities available. Self-discipline creates those opportunities by creating time for the opportunities to exist.

Self-discipline provides direction.

Many people don’t know where to start so they do nothing. Self-discipline helps you take one step at a time to get to where you’re going. It’s the little things in life that provide direction. Self-discipline provides a track to run on so that you can know you are headed in the right direction.

Self-discipline is nothing more than taking control of your own life and not allowing life to take control of you! When you take your life back, you will see boundaries, opportunities, and clear direction unfold before you that are the ingredients to achieving the life you so desire.

Keep REACHING FORWARD for God’s best! If he put the desire in you, he will give you the power and wisdom to get there. Your part is to make the choices that make it happen.

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