Why REST is more important than GOALS in 2013!

restThe title of this blog is a little misleading (on purpose to get your attention). This is the time of year that most leaders are talking about life reflection and goal-setting for 2013. I am no exception because I am a goal-oriented person that functions best when there is something in front of me that I need to accomplish. My goals range from daily, weekly, monthly, short-term (3 to 12 months) and long-term (3 to 5 years). I don’t waste my time thinking and planning beyond 5 years in terms of accomplishment because life is moving at too fast of a pace. I am also a strong believer in self-starters, self-discipline and self-motivation, which are all born out of self-respect (keep thinking…you’ll get it).

Why REST is more important than GOALS!

Having said that, I want to encourage fellow goal-setters and those who are high-achievers to find a higher purpose in 2013; a higher purpose that puts God at the center of everything in your life. Now most of you Christians are saying “yea, yea, God is always at the center of my life.” Please continue to read because I’m like you and I know how you are.

There is a higher calling from God that brings a peace to your soul that no goal can accomplish. That higher calling is a calling to REST.

  “… for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his.” (Hebrews 4:10 ESV)

Learning what to REST “IN”!

Obviously, God is not saying kick up your feet and do nothing or be lazy and slothful. The point of this verse is not as much about what’s going on in our lives as it is about what’s going on in our soul. A higher calling than our goals is to learn what to REST IN.

  • REST IN the truth that you are accepted by God.
  • REST IN knowing God has shed his love abroad in your heart.
  • REST IN experiencing the incredible grace that God has poured out on your life.
  • REST IN the security of knowing you are called to be a child of God in his presence for eternity.
  • REST IN the joy of living in Christ.
  • REST IN knowing you are God’s pleasure! No need to impress Him. 

Learning what to REST “FROM”!

There is certainly much work to do in making disciples for the kingdom as well as personal accomplishments. However, let’s remember in 2013 that our goals don’t make US – we make our goals! As we do, let’s REST “IN” the grace of God and REST “FROM” the following…

  • REST from striving for God’s acceptance or favor.
  • REST from laboring to please others.
  • REST from achieving in order to feel worthy.
  • REST from accomplishment in order to be liked.
  • REST from trying to be popular.
  • REST from the desire to impress others.
  • REST from worrying that your legacy will be lost! (Trust God – Your legacy was His idea in the first place!)
  • REST from ___________ you fill in the blank!

Knowing what to REST “IN” and knowing what to REST “FROM” is the key to great success! REACH FORWARD in 2013 for God’s best in your life! But remember that His best in your life is Christ in you, not your efforts in this world! Set goals for your life in 2013, but don’t let them rule you; only God should fill that role. May you find the inner peace and joy in 2013 that empowers you to live free and make a way for others.

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5 thoughts on “Why REST is more important than GOALS in 2013!

  1. David Liedtke

    Good stuff!
    I am not as good at setting goals as you are.
    I think that these points can help me.
    Thanks for your direction PS!

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