Why being religious doesn’t work!

Religion without relationship always leads to rebellion. I watch people resort to religious duty when things get bad in their lives. It could be that a person loses their job, their marriage is falling apart or they experience some other unfortunate event in life. It is worth examining how we face crisis and deal with life’s struggles. Many people internalize their misfortunes and conclude that they have somehow disappointed God and must get back into his good graces. Religious duty becomes the focus of the day. Perhaps it is religious duty that causes people to feel better about themselves.

It’s not about religious duty, it’s about relationship!

God doesn’t want our religious duty. Oh sure, he wants our obedience, but not from a position of duty. He wants our obedience from a position of love. All of the religious duty in the world will not get us one step closer to God without embracing the loving relationship of the Father. Relationship requires one being honest with himself and with God. It requires approaching God with humility of heart. Relationship requires an exchange of our life for the life God desires for us. Relationship requires true repentance and shaping our lives around the principles found in Scripture. Relationship is about understanding that our righteousness is found only in Christ not in our ability to do good.

Religious duty might make you feel better about yourself in the midst of crisis, but relationship on the front end will determine the degree of impact the crisis has on your life.

REACH FORWARD for God’s best in your life, not through religious duty but through relationship. He’s not waiting for you to perform for him. He’s waiting for you to open your heart and embrace him so that he can embrace you.


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