The importance of passion in life and leadership.

There is one truth that I have learned and continue to learn: The thing that we are passionate about is what will come out of us. Passion is the fuel or the power that gets us going. Passion is that thing inside of us that “makes it happen.” Some people might believe that passions are sort of built in and it’s just who they are. However, I believe that passions can be discovered and developed. For example, a person might learn how to play golf and become very passionate about the game. They begin to organize their week in such a way that they make time for golf.

It is vitally important that we recognize the power of passion. There is a pull that is associated with our passions. We are naturally pulled toward our passions to the extent that attitudes, decisions and behaviors are affected. Most people are passionate about many things but they don’t realize it. If I were to ask you what you are passionate about, you would probably give me one or maybe two answers. The truth of the matter is that we are passionate about a lot more than we think. Realizing the importance of passion and the role that it plays in our lives is the first step in developing the right passions. Our passions will default to something if we don’t direct them appropriately.

When we are not passionate about the right things, we become passionate about the wrong things.

When we are not passionate about the main things, we become passionate about minor things.

  • Without passion for the power of God, we become passionate about power over people.
  • Without passion for purpose, we become passionate about the meaningless.
  • Without passion for grace, we become passionate about legalism.
  • Without passion for unity, we become passionate about debate or being argumentative.
  • Without passion for vision, we become passionate about personal preference.
  • Without passion for movement, we become passionate about maintenance.
  • Without passion for love, we become passionate about judgment.

Directing your passions:

1. Know what you’re passionate about. (Examine your core beliefs and values)

2. Know what you should be passionate about. (Biblical values, your vision, time with your family)

3. Prioritize your roles in life and align your values with those roles. Passion in each area will follow.

There is much more to be said about passions, but I think you get the idea. The main point as stated above is worth repeating…

When we are not passionate about the right things we become passionate about the wrong things.

Keep REACHING FORWARD to God’s best in your life. He will shape your passions and desires as you seek Him and His word. He loves you and wants the best for your life. He wants you to be passionate about the assignments in life that He has given you. Allow Him to do so and you’ll have the power you need to fulfill your destiny.

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