Is Jesus Enough for You? Really?

ImageWe live in a world full of people that are continuously reaching for something. On one hand, reaching for your dreams and God’s will for your life is beneficial. On the other hand, reaching for the things of this world so that you feel fulfilled in your life is not only unhealthy, but will always leave you disappointed.

The secret to contentment is not external, but internal.

The Apostle Paul learned to be content in whatever circumstance he found himself. He knew what it was like to be in need and he knew what it was like to have plenty. He learned the secret of being content in every situation. The secret that he learned was that his sufficiency was in Jesus and in him alone. In other words, Paul said Jesus is enough.

Is Jesus enough for you?

When we go through life discontented and constantly reaching for fulfillment from other sources, we are saying that Jesus is incomplete. We are living as though something needs to be added to Jesus in order for us to be satisfied in life. 

What are you going to “DO” about it?

Paul says something that we often quote in Christian circles; “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13). This verse does not mean that we have supernatural powers to do anything we want. In context, this verse follows what I just described. It is interesting, however, that Paul did not say “I can ‘feel’ all things through Him who strengthens me.” No, he said, “I can DO…” In other words, Paul is saying that regardless of his circumstances, he is strengthened by Christ to continue doing what God has called him to do. He can walk through any situation or circumstance without letting it derail him from God’s purpose and will for his life. Paul understood that his sufficiency was in Christ alone.

Why Jesus is incomplete in our lives

1. We don’t know him. Get to know him. Spend time in his word every day and really get to know his heart and mind toward you. He is a person. He has a heart. He cares.

2. We don’t trust him. It’s hard to trust someone you don’t know. Would you trust your life in the hands of a total stranger? Until you know him, you will not trust him! You might say you do, but you don’t.

3. We don’t look to him first. Without having complete trust in Jesus, we are not going to immediately trust him with our lives. We will look in other places first and then call on Jesus when all else fails.

How to find your complete sufficiency in Jesus

Know him, trust him, look to him first!

Keep REACHING FORWARD to God’s purpose and will for your life. Don’t let the circumstances of life derail you from doing what he has called you to do. Just keep doing it!

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One thought on “Is Jesus Enough for You? Really?

  1. Beverly Rowell

    Thank you for these timely words. “Feeling” frustrated and God spoke to me that this is an issue in my life that is holding me back from fulfilling His perfect will. This problem in my life is the focus of my Bible study for the summer. Thank you for your insite and willingness to speak truth!

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