Three stumbling blocks you must let go of to achieve your dreams.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why things aren’t going our way. We have a vision for our future and the passion to pursue it, but for some reason we cannot seem to move forward. We spend days, months and years trying to figure out why we can’t accomplish our dreams and goals. We realize at some point that there are patterns that repeat themselves over and over again in our lives and we can’t seem to break them. More often than not, these patterns become stumbling blocks that keep us from moving forward. The stumbling blocks of the past are those things that we continue to hold on to with the belief that we must take them with us into our future. The reality is that we will never fully realize our full potential until we let go of the stumbling blocks of the past. There are many stumbling blocks of the past, but I have chosen three that top the list.

Three stumbling blocks of the past that we must let go of.

1. Past experiences. New results require new experiences, a new way of thinking and a new attitude. Our past experiences can be both positive and negative. We guard against repeating the negative experiences while hoping to emulate the positive ones. However, a repeated positive experience of the past is still a repeat of the past. In order to accomplish new dreams and experiences we must let go and allow ourselves to explore new ideas. Take risks, be brave, and allow new experiences to develop.

2. Past hurts. Unforgiveness is a ball and chain. Emotional wounds and bitterness zap your energy and courage for a fresh tomorrow. Open wounds cause us to protect ourselves from further harm. We often become over protective to the point that we stunt our own growth. When we harbor an offense, it becomes the motive behind our decision-making and shapes our relationships. The past can never be changed. A vibrant future will require a measure of vulnerability. Let go of the hurts and entrust them to God for the benefit of your future.

3. Past successes. We cannot ride into the future on yesterdays victories. Each day has its own set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. The moment we start thinking we have arrived is the moment we stop moving forward. It may or may not be easy to let go of past failures, but often times we try to hold on to past successes because it feels good and gives us confidence. However, what brought us success in the past will not necessarily guarantee success in the future. Be creative, try new things, and listen to new people.

One thing from the past to never let go of.

There is one thing that is common about everything in the past that we must never let go of and that is the lesson learned. All past experiences, hurts, successes, failures, relationships, etc., can be converted into principles or lessons learned that we can live by. When the past is converted into valuable lessons that guide our lives, then it is no longer a stumbling block for us but a catalyst that forges our way into the future.

Convert your past into wisdom and keep REACHING FORWARD to God’s best for your life. He is shaping and molding you into the person He wants you to become.

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