Three steps to the lifestyle you will enjoy!

Do you feel like life is moving so fast that you are hardly in control of your own time? Perhaps you are frustrated, tired, weary, or unhappy. The problem could be that life has taken over and you feel like you no longer enjoy life the way you should. You have a longing in your heart to laugh, do something fun, or to simply look forward to your day rather than dread what’s coming.

You often here people talk about having a “balanced life.” I’m not so sure that a balanced life is the best way to describe the life you and I desire. Here’s why:

A lifestyle that is enjoyable is about doing the right things, not balancing many things. 

A balanced life infers that you have several different aspects of your life getting equal attention. The problem is that life has too many components to try and balance everything. In fact, most people are not enjoying life because they are trying to “balance” too many things.

The things that are right for you to be doing are going to vary depending on what life stage you’re in. A young couple with children have a different focus than an older couple who are empty nesters. A lifestyle you will enjoy is not about balancing a lot of different things in your life. An enjoyable lifestyle is about knowing what you should be doing versus how many things you can fit in.

Here are three steps to the lifestyle that you will enjoy.

An enjoyable lifestyle starts with what you know, continues with what you do, and is maintained by what you protect. 

1. What you need to know:

a. Know what’s necessary.

b. Know what’s enjoyable.

c. Know what brings meaning.

d. Know what you love to do.

e. Know your goals. (Hint: Are your goals right for you?)

2. What you need to do:

a. Do away with what you don’t need to be doing. Prune, prune, prune.

b. Do prioritize.

c. Do a daily schedule or plan to be intentional.

d. Do what’s on your daily schedule/plan.

e. Do a continuous evaluation to see if you’re doing what you need to do.

3. What you need to protect:

a. Protect your time.

b. Protect your relationships.

c. Protect your priorities.

d. Protect your fun.

e. Protect your health.

REACH FORWARD for the lifestyle that you so desire and deserve. God wants you to enjoy your life here on earth and find pleasure in all your endeavors. Being able to Know, Do, and Protect will release you from the frustration of the balancing act and free you to live life to the fullest! Above all else, know God and experience the abundant life He desires for you!

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