How to become the person you want to be!

20120120-093551.jpgI often hear people talk about their struggles in changing their lives to become the people God has called them to be. Most of the time they focus on what they need to “stop” doing as if that will somehow result in a new person. I’m not saying that pruning negative behaviors out of our lives is not necessary. Pruning definitely has its part. However, try pruning the rose bush only without watering it and watch what happens.

It’s not what you subtract from your life but what you add that makes the difference.

Healthy growth can only come by the ingredients you add to your life. Rather than laboring on the things that you need to stop doing, ask yourself what’s missing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Ingredients to a fulfilling life

  • More sleep
  • Exercise
  • Meaningful relationships
  • The word of God
  • Serve others
  • Fun

You can’t produce the person you want to become without adding the ingredients that will get you there. Prune what you should, add what you must!

Keep REACHING FORWARD to become the person God has called you to be. The seed is inside of you! Water it, nourish it, watch it grow!


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