What are you trading for convenience?

One of the most famous landmarks in the world is the Diamond Head Crater on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It appears in the background of most pictures of Waikiki. Leading up to the top of Diamond Head is a trail that moves along in sort of an S-curve fashion. Along the trail are signs posted that read “stay on the path, shortcuts cause erosion.” The problem is that people climb up the side of the mountain instead of following the path causing erosion to occur.

Why do people take shortcuts?

People take shortcuts because of one word: convenience. My wife and I are eating healthy now and exercising. We are discovering that the reason we compromised our health in the past was simply out of convenience. It is so much more convenient to drive through Wendy’s than it is to plan and shop for meals.

What are you willing to trade for convenience?

The end result for us was that we were trading our health for convenience. People in the security business will tell you that the number one enemy of security is convenience. The farther we got from the 9-11 event the more inconvenient searches and distant parking became. In America, we demand convenience. We must ask ourselves: Is it inconvenient…

  • to eat healthy
  • to take time to exercise
  • to spend time with your children
  • to spend time in prayer or God’s word
  • to take a night out for your spouse
  • to take the hard right over the easy wrong

Shortcuts cause erosion in quality

Taking shortcuts sacrifices quality in just about every area of life. Shortcuts on a keyboard are great. Shortcuts that sacrifice the quality of your life are not so great. Do you want the builder to take shortcuts when he is building your house? Do you want the doctor to take shortcuts when doing your surgery?

Before taking a shortcut for convenience, ask yourself the question: “What aspect of quality is going to be sacrificed by this shortcut?”

Maybe it’s a building project, homework assignment, dinner, spiritual growth, or family relationships.

Not all things that are convenient in life are bad. However, as a word of caution, beware of what aspect of quality you might be trading for what’s convenient. What you see as convenient might very well be a shortcut that is causing erosion in some area of life, relationships or business.

Keep REACHING FORWARD for true significance and quality in life.

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4 thoughts on “What are you trading for convenience?

  1. Great commentary hitting on some TRUTH. There are a lot of areas in my life that are done out of convenience and it’s taking its toll… just getting by and not demanding the best of myself, even when it’s inconvenient. Many people are inclined to take the shortest path across to whatever their destination. I liken this to an electric current – the true and correct path MUST be taken for the POWER to be shown. When there is a short in the circuit, the current veers off path and nothing happens. It’s a dead end and a waste. There is only ONE way! Somehow, the crafty human beings that we are, have created an illusion with shortcuts. They work temporarily and always fizzle out in the end. Thank you again Pastor Scott.

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