Leading in Uncharted Waters!

20120111-105458.jpgOne of the greatest lessons I learned in the Military was how to move forward when I lacked confidence. A lack of confidence is about fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown causes us to over-plan and under-execute. Planning must be thorough, but to plan to your fears instead of to your vision will cause stagnation and loss of opportunity. We used the acronym SURVIVAL as a guide to help us navigate through unknown environments. Apply them to your environment as appropriate.

S – Size up the situation: Know your surroundings. Gather the facts. What resources do you need? Know what is going on around you and what others are saying.

U – Undo haste makes waste or use all your senses: Take your time and use discernment. Careless mistakes happen when you lack patience.

R – Remember where you are: Consistently evaluate your current capabilities. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know where you are headed while focusing on your next step.

V – Value living: Cling tightly to the things that are most important in life; faith, family, friendships, fun.

I – Improvise: Do the best you can with what you have. Don’t make excuses. If you are starving and all you have is a can of fruit and no can opener, you will find a way to get in the can. My old saying was, “get in that can!”

V – Vanquish fear and pain: Push through the fear and pain; both are only temporary. My good friend Ben Cavazos used to say, “pain is temporary, glory is forever!”

A – Act like the natives: Be relevant in your environment. Act like you belong. I’m not saying compromise your values. Edgy is okay, but people avoid aliens.

L – Learn basic skills: Being an expert in the basics will always bring success. Don’t forget that it is doing the little things right that makes the big things possible.

Keep REACHING FORWARD and don’t let fear of the unknown stop you!

Feel free to comment on how you have survived the unknown.


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