When God doesn’t make sense!

ImageHave you ever wondered why God’s word doesn’t work for you? Have you ever compared your situation to what God’s word says and wondered how in the world that word could be true for you? Well, join some of the greatest people of faith!

When the word just doesn’t make sense…

In Genesis 18:10-15, Abraham and Sarah have been given a promise that in a year from now Sarah is going to have a child. In overhearing the conversation, Sarah laughs to herself in disbelief. She doesn’t see how anyone her age could have a child. She is focused on the natural; her age, Abraham’s age, the natural course of things. What she failed to take into consideration was the supernatural. But more than that, she did not believe what the Lord said because she could not wrap her natural mind around the promise.

I am an analytical person. I try to figure everything out and determine cause and effect. I know that many people are like me and try to figure out how God is going to fulfill His promises. However, the issue is not about how God is going to fulfill His promises. The real issue is about trust. Do I know God well enough to trust that what He says is true; not just true, but true for me?

Most Christians believe that God’s word is true. The trouble we have is believing it’s true for our own lives. The reason we doubt that His word is true for our own lives is because we are not close enough in our relationship with Him to fully trust that He cares about us personally.

…trust in the heart of God!

Rather than trying to wrap my mind around the promises of God, it’s best to wrap my heart around the character of God. I can trust Him because He is faithful and because He cares about me personally. I like to say it like this; when you don’t understand the mind of God, trust the heart of God.

So, when you can’t quite figure God out, trust the fact that He cares deeply for you personally. His word is for YOU!

Keep REACHING FORWARD for all that God has for you!


4 thoughts on “When God doesn’t make sense!

  1. Glenn Stephens

    Good word and so true for a world where instant gratification is expected. God will deliver…maybe just not RIGHT NOW!

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