How to accomplish what your heart desires!

20120106-113452.jpgI recall one of the lessons I learned early on in my military career. The lesson is that no war is won by a single man. This is a great leadership principle. I’m not simply referring to teamwork, but a principle that applies in developing a rythm of life that will facilitate the accomplishment of your dreams, goals, or vision.

It is true that a great vision or dream might be authored by a single individual, but he or she will never accomplish it alone or by taking shortcuts.

Steps to reaching what you desire most:

  • One leader at a time
  • One volunteer at a time
  • One dollar at a time
  • One family relationship at a time
  • One friend at a time
  • One pound at a time
  • One brick at a time
  • One class at a time
  • One book at a time
  • One hour at a time
  • One ___ at a time (fill in the blank)

When we are faithful in little, we will be given much. Keep the vision at the forefront of your mind, but facilitate action one step at a time that points in the right direction.

Keep REACHING FORWARD for God’s best in your life! You don’t have to swallow it all at once; just take one bite at a time and enjoy the journey!

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