Tests That Precede the Promise!

What has God spoken to you about your future? I’ll bet you’re wondering why you have to wait. If things are not going well for you, you are probably asking why? Perhaps you are confused and confounded at the trials in the midst of your promise.

Maybe you are thinking, “what am I doing wrong…where is God in my life right now…why is He allowing this to happen…is God real…was His promise really from Him or just my wishful thinking?”

I’m reminded of the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-41) where his life was a mess between God’s promise to him and its fulfillment. Read it for yourself and compare your story to his. What was going on? Why did the events in Joseph’s life play out the way they did?

Perhaps this verse explains: “Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him.” Psalm 105:19.

The very promise of what is to come will be preceded by various tests.

Here are a few tests that precede the promise:

1. Faithfulness regardless of circumstances. Faithfulness has nothing to do with others. It is a matter of character that must be forged in a person’s own heart. Blaming others or circumstances for lack of faithfulness is a fail. In order to get a passing grade, we must be faithful regardless of the circumstances.

How can you be faithful in circumstances you don’t like?

2. Responsibility regardless of position. Responsibility has nothing to do with position. Responsibility is applied to each and every person in their current position and circumstances. Authority can be delegated but you must own personal responsibility for what is yours. Your life is your responsibility!

What are you blaming others for that is yours to own?

3. Self-Control regardless of temptation. You will never be prepared for greater success without self-control. Temptations will come at every level; with $20, with $2,000,000; with leading two, with leading 2,000. Self-control is about establishing a way of life that honors God and builds biblical character.

What areas do you give in to temptation?

4. Care for others regardless of personal interests. Any promise of God for your future will always test your care for others.

Do you acknowledge and care about the needs, thoughts and feelings of those around you?

A final thought: Don’t be discouraged while waiting on God’s promise. Understand the promise is testing you. Be faithful, be responsible, exercise self-control and care for others. Above all, seek God daily and His favor will be upon you!

Keep REACHING FORWARD! His promise is awaiting you!


2 thoughts on “Tests That Precede the Promise!

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