How To Get More Enjoyment Out Of Life!

Do you feel “stuck” in life? Do you get the feeling that life is not as it should be? There seems to be a nagging sense of discontentment simmering just below the surface. You can’t quite put your finger on it because it seems that everything in your life is there for a reason and mostly beyond your control, right?

Wrong. The problem is not that life has overtaken you. The problem is that perhaps you’re not living life ON purpose FOR a purpose. I know what you’re thinking. Here comes another blog on “finding your purpose.” Wrong again. I’m not thinking in terms of “life purpose” but in terms of doing what you do on purpose and for a reason. This is about taking control of your life and living in such a way that life is enjoyable for you. Stop allowing others to dictate your life.

Restore control and enjoyment in your life by first taking an inventory.

When a store manager does an inventory, he or she determines what is there, what is not there, and what adjustments need to be made. A life inventory is similar. Try the ARC Principle as a guide to help you take back control and enjoy life again. (Note: you will need a pad of paper and a pen)

The ARC Principle

1. What do I need to ADD to my life? A relationship with God; a friend; a hobby; exercise; a job; accountability; self-discipline; fun; good books.

2. What do I need to REMOVE from my life? People who have a negative influence on me; bad habits; anger; a financial liability that I don’t need; procrastination.

3. What do I need to CHANGE in my life? More time in prayer and reading the bible; healthier eating habits; better movies; less TV; more sleep (hint: go to be earlier); new job; saying no sometimes.

The ARC Principle will help you gain back control over your life so that you can REACH FORWARD for all that God has for you! Learn to  live your daily life ON purpose FOR a purpose. After all, the sum total of your life takes place one day at a time.


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