How To Add Quality Back Into Your Life!

You know something is missing. You wake up every day wondering if today will be any different. You go to bed every night with regret that today was the same old routine. You feel stuck in a life that seems to be going nowhere. You feel like your life lacks quality because day in and day out nothing changes and the feeling that something is missing continues to linger on. You know in your heart it’s time to take action, but you’re not sure what to do. Try implementing these principles.

Steps to adding quality back into your life

1. Discover what’s missing. God? Eating healthy and losing weight? A regular exercise program? Quality relationship with your spouse or children? Friends that you can do life with? Most people know what’s missing, but don’t do anything about it.

2. Seek wisdom. Seek out someone who is doing well with what you are missing. Meet with that person and ask questions like, “what should I do? where do I start? what resources do I need?”

3. Take action. Make a plan, but the most important thing is the first step. Take one step of action in adding what’s missing. Don’t procrastinate any longer. That is perhaps the number one problem. Do the things that the person in #2 above suggested. After all, they are doing well with what you are missing.

4. Be accountable. Hold yourself accountable by submitting yourself to someone that wants God’s best for your life.

5. Don’t try to change too much at one time. Changing too many things at once will overwhelm you. Prioritize what you desire most and let your confidence build.

6. Focus on the daily activity not the desired results. A quality life is achieved by the daily choices we make. If your goal is to lose weight focus on the eating and exercise not the scales. If your goal is to make friends focus on connecting with one or two people today not the whole world.

Keep REACHING FORWARD for the abundant life God has for you. Stop procrastinating and take action today to get the quality life you deserve and so desire.

Please comment: What have you done to add quality to your life lately?


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