Are You Living The American Dream?

Just what is the American Dream? If you google American Dream and study the phrase, you will see that the American Dream is about the possibility of living a life of prosperity and material comfort. I have heard politicians and business people talk about the American Dream as if the ultimate goal in life is to reach financial prosperity. In doing so, the implied end is that one will find a peaceful and fulfilling life.

However, if you were to study the meager beginnings of our great Country, you would see that the American Dream that existed from the beginning is not at all what people define it to be today. John Winthrop was a minister who led a group of people known as the Puritans back in the 17th century. The Puritans set out to purify the Church of England of corruption and non-biblical practices. In the end, they set sail for America with a dream.

John Winthrop gave a sermon to the people aboard the ship The Arbella, by which he cast the vision “we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill; the eyes of all people are upon us.”

Mr. Winthrop echoes the words of Christ from Matthew 5:14 where he says concerning Christians that “You are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

What is the true American Dream?

The American Dream is about living a life that honors God and reflects His image to the world. There is nothing wrong with financial prosperity and the comforts of life. However, to have that as an end in itself is to chase the wrong dream! To find ultimate fulfillment in life is to live life as a Christ follower!

If you are a Christian, you are the light of the world! You must consider that the eyes of all people are upon you! Are you living a life that is honoring to God and that draws people to the light of hope? Perhaps you’re living a life that is chasing the so-called American Dream that has been watered down with unfulfilled promises.

Be encouraged today to live the true American Dream! REACH FORWARD for God’s best in your life today and you will discover how to live a dream that is far greater than material comfort.


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