How Are We To View God in the Face of Tragedy?

As I reflected on that dreadful day of September 11, 2001, I recalled the tons and tons of rubble that took months to remove. I’m quite sure there were a lot of dreams lost in that rubble. However, I am also convinced that many dreams were born. I heard one story of a young man who was only 14 years old at the time who has now devoted his life to serving our country. I heard another story of a man who changed his career goals and is now serving his community as a firefighter.

Many people ask questions during times like these, such as “where is God?” and “why does God allow these terrible things to happen to innocent people?” For the past week we have been fighting fires in Texas. Thousands of acres have been burned, hundreds of homes lost, and even loss of life.

How are we to view God in the face of tragedy?

When you don’t understand the mind of God, trust in the heart of God!

God will not always reveal the answers we seek, but He will ALWAYS reveal His heart!

We are fortunate that God has given us His written word so that we can discover His heart in the midst of His promises. We might not know why God allows certain things to happen can we can know His heart.

What do we know about the heart of God?

1. The very essence of God is love. (1 John 4:16)

2. The grace of God looks out for our best interest. (2 Cor 8:9)

3. God has compassion for our pain as His children. (Ps 103:13)

4. God is our Healer. (Ps 147:3)

God is not deaf to our cries or blind to our pain. Keep REACHING FORWARD for God’s best in your life!

He will never leave you nor forsake you!


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