How To Love the Job You Hate!

I am blessed that I get to do a job everyday that I love! However, this hasn’t always been the case. One summer when I was 17 years old, I worked in a sawmill; actually, I worked UNDER the sawmill! My job was to shovel large mounds of sawdust into a conveyor belt that carried the sawdust to places unknown and unimportant (at least to me). The temperature outside was about 100 degrees, but the temperature under the mill was about 115. The more I would sweat, the more sawdust would stick to my skin. I would wipe the sweat from my brow and sawdust would get in my eyes. I had sawdust in my hair, eyes, ears, pants, shoes…I think you get the  idea. The best part of my job, however, was when the hot hydraulic fluid from the machines above me would drip down the back of my sweaty, sawdust-filled neck! What a joy it was to go do that job every day (NOT!).

There is a show on TV called Dirty Jobs that I find interesting. Mike, the Ford guy, goes around and helps people do some of the most dirtiest jobs. The thing I love about the show is that they always highlight the measure of detail and efficiency that is required of the individual workers regardless of how “dirty” the job is. I have admired how so many people take great pride in their work in some of the most disgusting and difficult environments.

Reasons People Hate Their Jobs

1. The conditions stink!

2. The pay is terrible!

3. The boss is a jerk!

4. The hours are ridiculous!

5. I hear this from Christians, “I need a new job because the language I hear everyday really brings me down.”

Perhaps if you are hating your job it is because your focus is on the wrong things. When some or all of the above conditions exist in your workplace, forget about the “job” and change your focus to your “work.” Here is some great advice from King Solomon:

Ecclesiastes 3:22 (NLT) “So I saw that there is nothing better for people than to be happy in their work.”

Notice he didn’t say for people to be happy in their jobs; he said be happy in their work. True satisfaction in your job will most likely never come from the things you have no control over, which are the conditions and people around you. True satisfaction in your job will only come from the things that you can control, which is your work!

The secret to loving the job you hate is to be happy in your work!

Four Ways to be Happy in Your Work! (Note: All four relate to attitude AND performance)

1. Learn to do your work with excellence! (Prov 22:29)

2. Contribute to success not problems! (Prov 18:9)

3. Bear fruit in your work; be productive! (Col 1:10)

4. Offer the work of your hands as service to the Lord, not man! (Col 3:23)

How have you learned to love a job you hated?


3 thoughts on “How To Love the Job You Hate!

  1. Michael Clowers

    One thing that has been notable in my work experience is that your attitude and quality “in” your labor, trade, skill or job will affect how opportunities pose themselves for better opportunities. Someone will always take notice of who stands apart. Currently I am not in the best job (no benefits – no paid time off, no holiday pay, no vacation and ownership is over bearing) however I keep my eyes forward and let my work speak for itself hoping and believing that better opportunities are just around the corner.

  2. Thanks Pastor, I needed this. I think everyone gets stuck in the rut occasionally. I was just there. But just as soon as I began to openly express my thoughts to my higher ups (especially God) changes began to come about. Hope to start seeing more of y’all on Sundays real soon!

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