Lessons from DB: How To Love Like Jesus

Approximately 24 hours ago I was awakened by the news that one of my dear friends and co-workers in ministry had gone to be with the Lord. She was so dearly loved by everyone who knew her. DB had a way with people that was unlike anyone I had ever seen. She could handle the sweet young lady who needed a friend with such tender care. However, she could also handle the big burly man who needed to be brought down a notch or two. She was so incredible to watch as she ministered to people of all walks of life.

I wanted to capture some of the lessons that DB modeled in the way she ministered to people. These lessons are examples to all of us when it comes to dealing with people whether they be family, friends, people in need or employees.

1. Show them you care. DB had genuine care and concern for everyone. It didn’t matter what your situation was or how you got there, she cared about you. She was always looking for ways to help people and meet their needs. She ran our food pantry and made it her goal in life to help people whether it was providing food or a winter coat. She “did something” to show people she cared by meeting the needs of others.

2. Show them the truth. DB never shielded the truth from anyone. She could look you right in the eyes with that smile of hers that stretched from the east to the west and let you have it. She had a way of showing people the error of their ways, the consequences of their actions and the poor choices they were making; but she did it with a motivation of love that caused people to receive it. She spoke the truth in love that showed people the reality of their lives.

3. Show them the way. DB always showed people she cared; always showed them the truth; and, she always showed them the way. She would ask “do you have a church?” “do you go to church?” “why not? You are certainly welcome here.” She would lovingly tell them Jesus is the way. She would say “God loves you, but you have to love Him back. God wants to help you, but you have to let Him help you. Come to church on Sunday, I will be looking for you.” DB would show people the way to Jesus. I can’t tell you how many people she led to the Lord, but I can tell you that it was many.

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a pattern here: Show them you care; Show them the truth; Show them the way. There is another person that followed this same pattern. His name is Jesus. DB modeled for us the Jesus way of loving people. May we all learn to love like Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Lessons from DB: How To Love Like Jesus

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  2. Terry Proctor

    Thank you for those words! I know you had to knew her very well !I hope many people will read this and be touched like I was.

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