Servolution 2010 is rapidly approaching!  What is a servolution?  A servolution is a revolution of serving others that expresses the love of Christ through simple acts of kindness.  Beginning at The Healing Place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Servolution is rapidly gaining momentum in churches across the country and indeed around the world.  We at LifeBridge Christian Center in Longview, Texas are excited about doing our part.  March 27, 2010 will be the launch of not only our first Servolution, but the launch of a culture change; a new way of seeing people the way the Lord sees them.  A sweeping change is about to take place in Longview!  No longer is the body of Christ going to sit back in our comfortable pews and hope that the lost, broken and hurting world comes to us.  It’s time that the Church does exactly what we were commanded by our Lord to do: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”  The Lord commanded us to “Go and make” not “sit and take.”

If we are the body of Christ, then we are his hands, feet and voice.  We are commissioned to demonstrate the love of Christ in the earth.  We are charged with “demonstrating” His love.  That means showing people through simple acts of kindness that there is a Jesus that loves them and followers of Jesus (i.e. the Church) that care about them.  We have to realize that caring for someone is the outward action of an inward love.  How can we say we care without taking some form of action?  Servolution is about showing people we care about them because Jesus loves them.  There’s no catch, no strings attached, nothing expected in return;  just a friendly smile, an encouraging word and a small act of kindness.

Watch what is going to happen on March 27th and beyond in Longview.  Hearts are going to be touched, lives are going to be changed and the love of Christ is going to be seen and felt in a fresh new way.  Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Serving two fire stations in the city.
  • Cleaning up a large apartment complex.
  • Providing two free car washes at two different locations.
  • Blessing a neighborhood in the park with blow-ups, clowns and games for the kids and fun for the whole family.
  • Handing out 25 cases of free bottled water.
  • Giving away free clothing.
  • Giving our own blood to the Red Cross.  Each donation saves 2.5 lives!

Get ready Longview.  A Servolution is coming!  It’s not just an event, it’s a movement!  Let’s go!


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