The Empty Chair!

A few days ago I walked into a waiting area where several people were sitting.  I began to look for an empty chair and saw that they were lined up against the wall.  I noticed that every other chair was empty.  I found it interesting that everyone was more comfortable with an empty chair between them and the next person.  Since every other chair was taken, I was forced to sit between two people.  I sat down and began to think about how people are protective of their “personal space.”  It was actually quite comical that everyone in the room did not want to leave their comfort zone and violate their personal space.

However, when we walk into a room such as this and find an empty chair next to a friend, that is the empty chair we choose because we are more comfortable there.  Rather than using the empty chair as a barrier to keep us comfortable, we choose to sit near our friend.

We often take the same view of the empty chair in our approach to God.  If He is our friend, we choose to draw near to Him and we choose the empty chair.  If He is not our close friend, we might choose to keep Him one empty chair away.  As long as He is one empty chair away, He does not enter our “personal space” and we are able to maintain our comfort zone.

Keeping God one empty chair away is choosing friendship with the world over Him.  James 4:8 says

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world.

The cool thing is, once we become close with God, we always choose the empty chair next to Him because it is joy and peace to draw near to Him as He draws near to us.  There is always an empty chair next to Jesus.  Choose to sit there today and get to know Him.  When you get close to Him He gets close to you.  He will meet your deepest desires and become the answer to meaning for your life.  Don’t leave the chair empty.


3 thoughts on “The Empty Chair!

  1. Connie Hawk

    So true Scott and so good to be reminded that He invites us to sit next to Him, admittedly if there is sin in my life or a guilty conscience I don’t want to sit next to Him because of the shame of it, but if I deliberately sit next to Him in humility and a willingness to change it’s not long before everything is made right and I’m restored.

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