You’re A Real Piece Of Work!

I think it’s hilarious to watch people look at themselves in the mirror especially if they don’t know you’re looking.  They check to see if their hair is in place, that their makeup is on right, and that their teeth are clean.  They turn their head slightly to one side and then the other trying to see all of themselves that they can.  Although it does make me nervous when it’s the person driving the car in the lane next to me.  I remember going to the carnival when I was a kid and walking through the Fun House or the house of mirrors.  It was cool to see how the different mirrors distorted my image.  Some mirrors made me look really tall and super skinny and other mirrors made me look really short and fat.  I would laugh and laugh at the distorted images of myself because I knew that those images were not the real me. 

As we get older, however, we look in the mirror and see not only the outer appearance, but we also begin to see how we look on the inside.   Like that house of mirrors, we sometimes view ourselves through mirrors of distortion that do not reflect our true selves.   We have internal mirrors that lie to us because of past criticism, disapproval and pain.  We see reflections of ourselves that appear to be real, but are most definitely false images.  These mirrors are only distortions and do not reflect our true selves.  You and I are made in the image of God and our value is not dependent upon our past or others.  Our value comes from God Himself.  The value of something is always measured by its creator.  God does not make mistakes.  His word says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. (Psalm 139:14).   

You and I are so valuable that God gave His only son to die for us.  We were bought with a price so high that you can’t put a number on it.  Get rid of the distorted mirrors in your life and see yourself the way God does…as a wonderful work!  After all, He created you…He should know!  


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